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That Kennedy bitch that got arrested is so hot   August 30, 2017

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RFK’s 23-year-old entitled monster granddaughter allegedly “incited an angry mob” after police asked her and her party guests to STFU.

This is so sexy:

A woman, who was later identified to be Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Summer Rose, approached his cruiser and opened the door – which flared up the crowd even more.

Caroline was handcuffed and placed into a separate cruiser…she told officers, ‘I went to Brown and I’m a teacher, sweetheart!’ before sticking out her tongue and bursting into tears.

Oh my God, if I was the cop, I would’ve [redacted].

While most of the Kennedy grandchildren turned out fairly attractive, Tatiana Schlossberg got all of the [redacted for racial/religious insensitivity] genes…

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