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Poll: Trump approval up after Charlottesville   August 21, 2017

Trump’s pro-Nazi comments following the tragic events in Charlottesville had no appreciable impact on his approval rating according to a new ABC News poll. In fact, Trump actually ticked up a point.

ABC News July 13
ABC News August 21
36% 37%
58% 58%

Also, keep this in mind:

  • (1) A net -21% approval sucks, but Trump won in 2016 w/ -25% favorability (36-61).
  • (2) These are polls of all adults or registered voters. Trump should get a bump when pollsters adopt “likely voter” models closer to the erection.
  • (3) Trump will get another bump when Democrats (almost certainly) nominate a terrible, easily-demonized candidate.
  • (4) Trump will get yet another bump after Stephen Miller orchestrates a “Reichstag fire”/false flag operation prior to 2020.

So Trump’s seemingly horrendous -21% approval rating is actually more like a shitty but manageable -7%…

    Net Approval
    After polls switch to Likely Voter Models
    After Democrats nominate a “socialist”, “reverse racist” candidate
    After Stephen Miller’s Reichstag fire


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