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That chick with no vagina is so hot   August 18, 2017

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Kaylee Moats’ BF hit the fucking lottery:

A 22-year-old woman born without a vagina hopes to have a life-changing surgery that would allow her to lose her virginity to her boyfriend…she has lived in fear of other people finding out about her bizarre condition and then mocking her.

But everything changed when she met boyfriend Robbie Limmer…he doesn’t care about the lack of sex in their relationship.

Instead, he contributes $50 of his salary each month to fund her campaign for the cosmetic surgery to craft her a vaginal opening…Moats needs to raise $15,000 in total to undergo the procedure.

So he contributes $50 a month? And the public puts up the other $14k so he can smash?? [Dismissive jerking motion].

This is #1 bullshit, because if you think about it: He gets the best of both worlds…

  • 1) Her virginity

    Normally, you have to put in work to get a white (or Asian) woman’s virginity, but all this dude has to do is wait while the public and the surgeons do all the work!

  • 2) So many blow jobs

    I am certain that Kaylee has NOT engaged in any sexual activity whatsoever. THIS DOES NOT REFER TO HER IN ANY WAY.

    But I suspect that most women that grew up without a vagina are insecure, and would happily give tons of blowjobs (to completion) for fear of losing their BF.

    So, hypothetically speaking, while he’s waiting for her to get a vagina, he gets a million blowjobs!

What a sacrifice!

I hope by some miracle she gets pregnant the very 1st time and refuses to abort.

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