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MFP accurately rates Michelle Malkin circa 1987   August 16, 2017

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For obvious reasons, we cannot rate CRTV’s Michelle Malkin on an uncapped scale that would put her up against the likes of Melissa Theuriau or Kaileigh Brandt.

Instead, we’ll use a curve wherein (South, I assume) Korean Choi Seol Hwa is a 10.

While she is lacking up top, her waist-to-booty ratio is within optimal parameters (for non-African-Americans)…


Michelle circa ’87

    Just for reference, approximately 1 to 1.5 decades later…

Accurate Rating

On a curve
US/UK 7.00 5.00
Los Angeles (wealthy) 6.50 4.25
Asia 7.50 6.99
Saudi Arabia 5.0 1.99
Mom & Dad 5.0 4.50
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