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MFP officially projects Trump polling rebound after North Korea false flag   August 11, 2017

MFP is documented to be right 95.2% of the time.

MFP can now project that the Trump regime’s North Korea false flag has worked exactly as intended…

Official projection: Trump’s poorest, least uneducated supporters will revel in the external threat schtick– such that Trump’s poll numbers will rebound to the mid-40’s by ~September.

Current polling avg.

38 56 -18
Gallup 37 5 -19
Rasmussen Reports 45 53 -8
Economist/YouGov 40 54 -14
Reuters/Ipsos 37 59 22
CBS 36 58 -22
CNN 40 56 -16
IBD/TIPP 32 59 -27

Trump approval by month

Approval Avg.
January 45
February 44
March 43
April 41
May 40
June 39
July 39
August 38
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