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MFP accurately reax to Bob Mueller’s grand jury   August 3, 2017

Laura is just back from vacation, and a little rusty.

She was supposed to call Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “politically-motivated hack Hillary supporters”– but she accidentally spoke honestly:

They got like the best of the best…they’re doing it because…they want to get to the bottom of whatever this is.

Given the rampant criminality that occurred, cooperating w/ this investigation is legal suicide.

Trump must immediately:

  • Fire Jeff Sessions.
  • Fire Rod Rosenstein.
  • Replace them w/ Rachel Brand, Dana Boente, or some other Senate-confirmed cabinet official that agrees to fire the special counsel.
  • Issue blanket pardons to Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, his family, and himself (the legality is irrelevant, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch will rubber stamp the pardons at SCOTUS).

Congress, in turn, would almost certainly move to appoint a Special Prosecutor (probably Mueller)– but Trump could simply veto that law. At the moment, Congress lacks the votes to override him.



Override Trump veto on Special Prosecutor 194 Democrats + 94 Republicans 46 Democrats + 21 Republicans
Impeach Trump Simple majority of House Judiciary Committee + 194 Democrats + 24 Republicans 46 Democrats + 21 Republicans

These House and Senate thresholds could become much easier to reach after the 2018 midterms, which is why now is the time to fire Mueller.

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