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MFP apologizes to John McCain after Trumpcare vote   July 29, 2017

Dear Señor McCain,

Some of this was prior to my tenure, but over the years, MFP has delighted in:

  • Accusing you of being a traitor, just for clicks.
  • Accusing you of allying w/ neo-Nazis, just to defend Russia’s incursions into Crimea and Ukraine.
  • Promoting vile conspiracy theories about your time as a POW that I knew to be false, just to defend Trump’s “I like people who weren’t captured” remark (I am personally guilty of this).

And while it is true that you advance a neoconservative agenda that has killed or displaced millions– the truth is, I don’t really give a fuck about Iraqis. To be honest, my libertarian, anti-war views are just an excuse to hate Israel and [redacted]s.

But today, America faces a far greater threat than male [redacted]s.

Political parties and low-information tribalism are the scourge of our time. Anyone who defies their party for any reason is a hero, and w/ your vote to defeat Trumpcare, you are a hero more than most.

In conclusion, I was a dick, and I’m sorry.

Beginning late this year or early next, MFP will return to the shameful low-information model to take advantage of uneducated voters. But until then, I pledge to redouble my efforts to defend American values.


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