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Jon Jones humiliates Cuck Thomas   July 26, 2017

For years, MMA pundit Luke Thomas greedily gargled fmr. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ balls in his mouth— setting aside his journalistic integrity to defend Jones’ infidelity, drug use, and alleged PED use.

But there appears to be trouble in paradise. During Wednesday’s UFC 214 fight week press conference, Jones treated Luke like a discarded old hoe:

Uhhhh, I don’t really like you, Luke. So I’m not going to answer your question.

In the interest of full disclosure, I only hate Luke because he defends Ariel Helwani, who I am anti-Semitic against.

In any case, here’s Luke complaining about Trump’s palate…

Credit Luke Thomas Live Chat |
* Edited for time as per MFP’s loose journalistic standards.

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