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Half-naked white chick in Japan converts to Islam   July 25, 2017

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To make a long story short, Mira’s favorite country is Saudi Arabia, but she recently renounced her Canadian citizenship to become Japanese:

I decided a few years ago I wanted to live here forever…I will become Japanese…I realized that I have adopted the Japanese culture, got used to life here so much, changed so much that I felt it was odd to call myself Canadian, I feel more and more Japanese as time goes by, thus , I call myself Japanese.

This is actually a fair point, that I never really considered:

I find it quite an odd thing that there are people who bound people to countries or citizenship as if its any more important than a city or street they lived on. If you can move around freely in your own country without being called a CITY HATER!!! Then why do people do it with countries?

But since I don’t get paid for this shit, I am not inclined to devote any more time or effort to this article.

In conclusion, Mira went from this…

To this…

To this…

To this…

To this…

I wrote this entire article just to make the following prediction: I hereby predict that within 5 years, Mira will be a highly-paid BBC correspondent.

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