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Alleged racist Conor McGregor mocks Trump supporters   July 23, 2017

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has been accused of making racist remarks in the lead up to his highly anticipated August 26 fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

But in fairness to Conor, he has also mocked groups that overwhelmingly backed Trump:

[Dustin Poirier] is from a back-ass town– Mississippi or Missouri or…some little farm town…he’s a quite little hillbilly from the back arse of nowhere…I’m sure he grew up in a circus or a fair…his cousin’s name is probably named Cleetus.

This suggests that Conor is a dick, not a racist.

Amid this cacophony of triggering, Mayweather is rumored to be dating a white chick for the 1st time in his long history of whore-mongering.

A post shared by Abigail Clarke (@abigail_clarke) on

A post shared by Abigail Clarke (@abigail_clarke) on

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