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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. repeatedly ignored by average women   July 19, 2017

Despite earning (and spending) close to $1 billion over his 20-year career, undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has been forced to settle for ugly hoes.

You may recall that after his breakup w/ Shantel Jackson, Floyd told TMZ that he loved her in spite of her many flaws:

Everything you got on your body, I paid for…I’m all like ‘everything you got on you is fake, you know you got a fake butt, you’ve got fake titties, you got work done on your face’. That’s how you know my love was genuine.

And before Shantel, there was Josie Harris.

And now there’s this bitch.


What Floyd need to do is seduce Karrueche Tran by showering her w/ riches.

Even though Chris Brown already tore her shit up w/ his giant penis, Karrueche is arguably the most beautiful part-African-American of all time…

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Here she discusses dieting just like a white girl…

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