Bwahahaha: Even Judge Napolitano thinks Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner should be investigated

MP   |   Published originally July 17, 2017

Propaganda Minister Sandra Smith was taken aback Monday when Judge Andrew Napolitano violated company policy by giving his honest opinion about Don Jr.’s attempted treason:

You wanna talk to an ex-KGB GRU agent, and a Russian person presented as a Russian government lawyer…about research on Hillary? Tell the FBI!

Presidential campaigns cannot accept anything of value from a foreign government…it is suspicious that they met with these people…why didn’t Jared Kushner tell the FBI…unless he was trying to hide something.

Expect Napolitano’s position to soften considerably the next time he appears on air.

You may recall that Napolitano– once a principled libertarian– comically betrayed his deeply-held beliefs in order to remain on the Fox News payroll…

For years, MFP disseminated pro-Russia propaganda– and hopes to do so again in the near future– so no judgement.

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