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MFP accurately reax to Trump-Putin meeting   July 8, 2017


Russian President Vladimir Putin has a reputation for employing Wile E. Coyote-esque tactics in meeting w/ other world leaders– and Trump is Trump– so there was some hope that the 2 despots would clash in each other’s company.

Unfortunately, there were no areas of disagreement to merit acrimony.

Putin Wants…

Is Trump cool with it?

Trump to get reerected. Yes.
Trump to help lift sanctions. Doesn’t care. Happy to give it a shot as a gesture of goodwill.
The US to stay out of Russia’s sphere of influence. Yes.
The US to stay out of Russian efforts to promote and erect Kremlin vassals throughout Europe. Yes.
The US to stop cheerleading further EU & NATO expansion intended to squeeze Russia. Yes.

Trump Wants…

Is Putin cool with it?

Trump to get reerected. Yes.
Putin to praise Trump, and occasionally criticize Obama. Yes.
Putin’s continued help undermining legitimate news sources by confusing easily manipulated, low-information voters. Yes.
Putin’s cooperation on terrorism and ISIS. Yes.
Putin to continue facilitating favorable business arrangements between Trump and Russian “private citizens”. Yes.
Both sides to “win” Syria by having Bashar al-Assad step down, but replacing him w/ a US-allied, anti-ISIS, Russia-friendly strongman. Yes.

Consequently, the meeting was anticlimactic and uneventful.

In lieu of further anal-ysis, you know who I find utterly repulsive?? “Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dah” Girl.

Ew, gross…

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Of course, David Spade has to [redacted], you [redacted]…

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