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Rand Paul lowkey saving Obamacare   June 28, 2017

David Frum on Tuesday suggested that Rand Paul is purposely making unrealistic demands of Trumpcare as a means of keeping Obamacare in place w/out alienating conservatives:

Kentucky has seen the largest improvement in its uninsured rate of any state since [Obamacare]…a 5th of [Rand Paul’s most loyal supporters] would lose coverage if the ACA were repealed.

So what is Rand Paul doing? He wants to protect [Obamacare, but] he needs to find a conservative sounding reason to oppose the repeal.

Why this theory is probably true

Rand knows his demand for “full repeal” cannot be met. That he would make such a demand is curious, given Rand’s eagerness to compromise on every other “principled” position:

As to motive, Rand’s predominantly uneducated, low-income constituents are disproportionately reliant on Obamacare benefits…

6.3 million of the 11.5 million Americans who used the ACA marketplace to buy their insurance last year live in Republican Congressional districts… rollback of the ACA would hurt older and rural Americans.

Naturally, Rand is somewhat reluctant to cause his most loyal supporters to pass away prematurely.

Why this theory is probably false

This theory is probably false because David Frum think it’s true, and David Frum is always wrong…

Credit CBC, CBS Detroit.

For the record, Trump won MI 48 to 47.

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