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Bwahahaha: Theresa May gives terrorists £1 billion to keep herself in power   June 26, 2017

Back in April, Theresa May called a snap erection w/ the expectation of growing the Tory majority in parliament from 17 to 100– and thus strengthening her hand heading into Brexit negotiations.

The gamble backfired. The Tories lost a net 13 seats and their majority.

w/ Labour and SNP out of the question, Theresa gave ~£1.5 billion to DUP in exchange for their support– despite having previously lectured struggling nurses that there was no “magic money tree”:

There is no magic money tree, say the Tories: unless it’s to bribe extremists to keep them in power…the cost of the Tories’ calamitous failure will be significantly more than £1bn, of course. As Nick Macpherson – a former Treasury official, puts it – this is just a “downpayment. DUP will back for more … again and again.”

But on the bright side, at least the DUP hates gays…

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