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Jeremy Corbyn trolls Trump at Glastonbury   June 25, 2017

Even though MFP has endorsed Jezza for PM, I feel like this is a clumsily-constructed burn:

Look on that wall right over there…there’s a message on that wall for President Donald Trump…build bridges, not walls!

Look on the wall that says ‘don’t build walls’ on it???

Got it.

I would add 3 things.

(1) That Jeremy Corbyn chant – I feel like Corbyn supporters’ propensity to chant “ohhhh, Jeremy Corbyn” to the tune of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” could get really old, really fast…

(2) Would smash – I would make love to the following bitches…

It is difficult to tell from this screenshot, but I assure you, the one on the left has big boobs…


(3) Nigel Farage – Surprise, Nigel is complaining about shit…

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