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Bwahahaha: Trump supporters cheer Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn   June 21, 2017

Trump supporters cheered fmr. president and CEO of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn at a rally on Wednesday.

You may recall that Cohn, Trump’s Director of the National Economic Council and chief economic adviser, appeared incredulous during last week’s WH ball-gargling ceremony…

In any case, kudos to Cohn for, despite being worth half a billion dollars, remaining married to Lisa…

If it were me??

I would give Lisa half my fortune just to be rid of her. Then, I would immediately begin my courtship of Emily Rudd– whom I would shower w/ treasures, just to see her make this face…

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I know what you’re thinking:

That would be like, a 100-year age difference! What would you 2 even talk about?

Presumably, I’d have $300 million left after the divorce, plus whatever I hid from Lisa in offshore accounts– trust me, Emily and I will work our way through it.

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