Unlike Congress, Adrien Broner doesn’t cry like a bitch

MP   |   Published originally June 15, 2017

World champion boxer Adrien Broner was recently arrested after driving recklessly in a bullet-riddled SUV.

Despite being shot at, and having only narrowly escaped death, Broner was unaffected by the incident. In fact, within minutes, he was back to berating police officers, as per usual:

Bitch-ass n***as tried to rob me…I’m rich, I don’t give a f**k…I almost got killed, now they’re taking me to jail.

This Alpha behavior stands in stark contrast to the drama queen Congressmen who, in recent days, have flooded cable news w/ their crying, complaining about hateful rhetoric, and otherwise being overemotional gays.

Truly, Adrien Broner is a great American…

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