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$1 million settlement for troll-like creature at center of Oakland PD sex scandal   June 6, 2017

Credit ABC 7.
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A year ago, I wrote an article entitled: Troll-like creature at center of Oakland PD sex scandal, would ya?

To recap: 30 Oakland, CA police officers had sex with a prostitute called Celeste Guap– in some cases, while she was underage. In exchange, Celeste received preferential treatment:

Said troll-like creature just scored a payout of $989,000:

A young woman who alleged she was sexually abused and exploited by members of the Oakland Police Department reached a settlement with the city…”I feel happy that I can close this chapter, and move on with my life. It’s taken a toll on me”.

Even though I am ashamed of myself, I would indeed smash…

Not intercourse, obviously?? But it would take a better man than I to pass up a chance to jizzle on those tizzles…

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