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Bwahahaha: Sinclair uses wedding font for Boris Epshteyn segment   June 2, 2017

Fmr. Trump Deputy Propaganda Minister Boris Epshteyn recently premiered on Sinclair Mininformation stations.

You may recall Boris left the WH in March, but it had absolutely nothing to do w/ his allegedly abrasive personality:

Epshteyn…threatened earlier this year to pull all West Wing officials from appearing on Fox News after a tense appearance on anchor Bill Hemmer’s show.

Epshteyn, according to multiple sources familiar with the exchange, got in a yelling match with a Fox News booker after Hemmer pressed him for details of President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order cracking down on immigration from Muslim-majority countries — a topic he was not expecting to be grilled on.

“Am I someone you want to make angry?” Epshteyn told the booker.

This curious use of a wedding font may be an attempt to soften his image:

And here’s Boris waiting patiently w/ Kellyanne…

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