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MFP accurately reax to Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement   June 1, 2017

Trump on Thursday announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the international climate accords aimed at limiting the increase of global average temperatures to 1.5-2° through various regulatory mechanisms and initiatives.

Predictably, everyone is losing their shit– demonstrating yet again why the Founding Fathers feared democracy.


Climate change activists warn that increased temperatures will lead to catastrophic effects, such as rising sea levels:

By the year 2100, models predict sea levels will rise between…8 to 20 inches.

20 inches in 85 years??

There will be lifelike sex robots in 25 years, virtually zero manual labor in 50 years, and– given financial incentives– cleaner, more efficient energy sources long before 2100.

In 85 years, assuming humanity has not been enslaved by an army of androids controlled by a ruthlessly efficient AI cybernetic queen– we will have almost certainly developed technologies to adapt to or reverse whatever environmental damages were incurred from 1750 to 2100.

If we are as concerned about vulnerable populations as we claim, then the trillions of $$$ associated w/ the Paris Agreement would be better spent feeding and housing people today, instead of fighting rising sea levels over the next century.


Comets aside, those changes occurred gradually over millions of years, you dumb bitch.

Stupid morons like Katie Pavlich are pumped because withdrawing from the Paris Agreement means a few hundred more coal jobs in a country of 350 million. And these are long-term jobs because coal is definitely the energy source of the future.

For the few fortunate enough to score these plum gigs, enjoy…

Sure beats going to school.

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