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You know who I want to make love to? Depressed British Hipster Voter Chick   May 31, 2017

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During the campaign, many voters decried the closings of factories throughout Middle America, and supported Trump because he promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Ironically, Sophie has that exact job, and she fucking hates it:

I work in a factory. I make parts for cars…I just feel like I’m working all the time…I feel like I’m missing out on a life because I’m always working.

I feel like we could totally watch Justice League together, and I could pretend to enjoy that shitty new Wonder Woman movie…

She even has a Star Wars bag! Be still my heart…

Granted, my parents would be much happier if I brought home 1 of these 2 anti-#Brexit chicks, because (1) they are more classically beautiful and (2) they look like they come from better stock…

But what would we even talk about!?

Would they even care that Amy Adams hates Gal Gadot…!?

I fear not.

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