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Hillary Clinton reveals the real reason she gave Goldman Sachs speeches   May 30, 2017

RC: Why’d you do those [Goldman Sachs speeches]?

HC: Why do you have Goldman Sachs here?

RC: They pay us.

HC: They paid me.

To be fair, over the years, MFP has passionately:

But, for a few shekels?? I would happily do Goldman Sachs’ bidding– and constantly talk about Darfur, and say shit like:

Climate change is the #1 national security threat. A .000000000000001% change in the avg. global temperature over the next 100 years totally fuels terrorism, bro.

Would it bother me to betray my principles?? Sure.

But ask me if I give a shit when I’m snorting lines of coke off high-end hookers’ asses.

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