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Macron tells Putin to BTFO   May 29, 2017

Fresh off fucking w/ Trump at #G7Taormina, French president Emmanuel Macron on Monday told Vladimir Putin to BTFO during a joint conference:

“[RT and Sputnik] did not behave like press outlets, but behaved like agents of influence and propaganda” which spread “serious falsehoods,” Macron said. “I will never give in to that.”

The French leader raised “all issues” including state-sponsored cyber hacking. The Macron camp blamed Russia for a hack just before he defeated Marine Le Pen.

Macron also threatened Putin ally Syria’s Bashar al-Assad:

Any use of chemical weapons would result in reprisals and an immediate riposte, at least where France is concerned.

Even though MFP is anti-Syrian intervention, and often parrots pro-Russia propaganda— I respect Macron’s willingness to risk polonium in his croissants.


Incidentally, that Versailles backdrop is classy AF…

Very Jedi temple meets Game of Thrones.

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