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MFP accurately predicts when Robert Mueller’s investigation will end   May 18, 2017

Legendary fmr. FBI Dir. Robert Mueller was named Special Counsel to oversee the DOJ’s Russia investigation on Wednesday. In a statement, the Trump regime said it looked forward to “this matter concluding quickly”, even though it won’t conclude quickly.

When will this fucking shit end?

We can try to ascertain when Mueller’s inquiry will end based on when it definitely won’t end.

  • This summer. It takes 2 months just to appropriate funds and staff up. Employees will still be asking “what’s the internet password, again?” well into July.
  • Christmas. Nothing of consequence ever concludes in December.
  • January. This is probably Mueller’s target date, but there are sure to be 1-2 months-worth of last minute i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed.
  • Next fall. That’s too close to ’18. The investigation must conclude at least 3-6 months prior to the November erections, or after.
  • 2 years from now. Mueller risks losing bipartisan support if his probe bleeds into the 2020 cycle. Though Mueller has a reputation for being fiercely independent, he is more vulnerable to politics than he would have been were he appointed under the expired independent counsel law.

Therefore, MFP can predict w/ 90% certainty that Mueller’s inquiry will end in November ’17 or March ’18.

What happens then?

Mueller will submit a report to Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (assuming he hasn’t been fired). Then, Rosenstein will forward a copy to Congress. Then, Congress will leak it to reporters.

What will the report say?

The report will conclude that although some shady shit happened, there is not enough evidence to indict POTUS (if POTUS were indictable, which he is not).

Will Trump get impeached?

Impeachment does not require a crime. However, the November ’18 erections make it highly unlikely.

  • If GOP keeps the House: Voters will have given their stamp of approval to the GOP’s cover-up.
  • If Dems win the House: Dems will feel they have 2020 in the bag, and will be reluctant to risk a backlash by moving forward w/ impeachment proceedings.
Will Trump go to jail?

Even if Trump is guilty of a crime, the preponderance of legal opinion is that the Chief Executive is not subject to criminal prosecution until he is impeached or leaves office.

So, no.

Will any Trump associates go to jail?

No, they’ll cut deals or get pardons.

But Trump and all of his associates won’t need to cut deals because they are 100% innocent!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A DEEP STATE WITCH HUNT. SETH RICH FTW.

That may be true.

But federal prosecutors can build a case against a devout, drug-free Mormon virgin after just 15 minutes rummaging through his 2002 Nissan Maxima.

They can make Carter Page’s life hell if they are so inclined…

Will Trump fire Mueller?

Trump can fire Mueller, but it would be highly imprudent.

Depending on the timing, such flagrant disregard for convention could precipitate impeachment proceedings. In which case, Trump would be forced to send troops into Congress ala Caesar Augustus in HBO’s Rome

Trump would be better served by ignoring Mueller, and focusing his energies on advancing a legislative agenda.

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