Confirmed: Mike Pence is playing 4-dimensional chess

MP   |   Published originally May 14, 2017

Trump’s presidency bears a striking resemblance to House of Cards season 2, during which Vice President Frank Underwood feigned incompetence while manipulating POTUS into one scandal after another.

After Comey-ghazi, there can be no doubt: At every turn, Mike Pence has purposely maneuvered Trump into political and legal jeopardy– while portraying himself as innocent bystander:

  • Veep. Trump had settled on Chris Christie for VPOTUS, when Pence ally Paul Manafort stranded Trump in Indiana under false pretenses:

    Manafort took the dramatic step of lying to Trump about…problems with the plane after his boss tentatively selected Christie for the V.P. slot.

    At an impromptu dinner that night, Pence convinced Trump to dump Christie.

  • Flynn. Team Pence leaked that Mike Flynn lied to Pence about communications w/ Russia– which left Trump no choice but to demand Flynn’s resignation…

    The removal of Trump’s closest non-familial adviser greatly strengthened Pence’s influence in the the West Wing.

  • Trumpcare disaster. Trump wanted to start on infrastructure, which enjoyed broad bipartisan support— from Rush Limbaugh

    To the Democrat Senate Minority Leader…

    An easy win for Trump’s 1st 100 days.

    Instead, Pence manipulated Trump into pushing deeply unpopular legislation that has driven Trump’s approval numbers into near historic lows.

  • Bannon. Pence shrewdly positioned himself as “the adult in the room” between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner– all the while, exacerbating the rivalry w/ leaks that just so happened to tarnish everyone except Pence, who came out smelling like a rose.
  • Lavrov & Kislyak. On issue after issue, Pence prods Trump to take an unpopular position– then distances himself from it.

    The latest example? While Trump was meeting w/ Sergey Lavrov and top Russian spy Sergey Kislyak at the WH, Pence was expressing “unwavering” support for Ukraine.

  • Comey. Trump was enjoying an unusually non-disastrous month– that is, until Pence stood idly by while Trump decided to fire FBI Director James Comey just as his investigation into Team Trump intensified:

    Pence was among the small group of staff members w/ whom Trump had mulled the decision.

If this trajectory continues, Democrats will retake the House in ’18, and Trump’s legislative agenda will be buried in an avalanche of subpoenas, depositions, and indictments— w/ impeachment proceedings sure to follow.

Which, conveniently, happens to be Pence’s only path to becoming POTUS.

Well played, sir.

Update: See, I told you so!

Mike, you fucking genius!!

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