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Dana White accurately calls ESPN’s Will Cain a “dope”   May 13, 2017

Will Cain’s co-host LOL’d at his retarded question– nevertheless, he persisted:

DFW: Mayweather would never ever come to the UFC.

WC: Have you asked him to?

[Co-host laughs.]

WC: Have you asked him to?

DFW: You’re that guy. You’re that guy, huh?

WC: Which guy? Which guy!?

DFW: That guy.

WC: No, which guy!?

Tucker Carlson knock off Will Cain– formerly of CNN and the Blaze– is known for asking pointless questions that everyone already knows the answers to.

Here’s Will earnestly debating why it’s okay to goof on Michele Bachmann’s allegedly gay husband…

Of course, the gay allegations are completely unfounded. Marcus Bachmann is extremely heterosexual…

In any case, Cain survived ESPN’s recent cuts, while the likes of Marc Stein and Jayson Stark were let go.

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