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Heartache: Fox News lifts pants ban   May 2, 2017

In the wake of the most tumultuous period in its history, Fox News caved by lifting its decades-long ban on female anchors wearing pants.

Sadly, as of May 1, anchors will no longer be required to dress and behave promiscuously…

Jenna Lee
Ainsley Earhardt
Heather Nauert
Anna Kooiman
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Katie Pavlich
Jasdfsdf Bila
The black one
Sandra Smith
Megyn Kelly
Laurie Dhue

Heretofore, only Maria Bartiromo possessed the clout to defy the ban due to:

  • (1) The 2013 blockbuster deal she secured to leave CNBC for Fox Business.
  • (2) Her body is gross now anyway…

In any case, Happening Now co-anchor Jenna Lee on Tuesday was the 1st to take advantage of her newly granted human rights…

In the past, you may recall, Jenna’s segments were often mistaken for pornographic scenes…

To Fox News’ credit, Roger Ailes’ henchwoman and chief enforcer of the no pants policy Suzanne Scott has been promoted to President of Programming following Bill Shine’s forced resignation.

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