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Olivia Harlan looks like if Kayleigh McEnany was really hot   April 27, 2017

Olivia Harlan looks like what Kayleigh McEnany would look like if she was really, really hot.

CNN contributor and Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany is widely regarded as fairly attractive, and yet not hot-hot– for reasons nobody can fully explain…

Not only does she have a great body, Kayleigh’s face checks all the boxes (by order of importance):

  • Not fat? CHECK.
  • Symmetrical features? CHECK.
  • Non-brown eyes? CHECK.
  • Clear skin? CHECK.
  • White teeth? CHECK.

Yet, somehow, it is unappealing. For some inexplicable reason, her face is less than the sum of its parts.

Enter Olivia Harlan

The daughter of legendary sports announcer Kevin Harlan, Atlanta Hawks sideline reporter and Fox Sports Southeast personality Olivia Harlan shares many of the same facial features as Kayleigh…

For example, they both look like sexy fish…

They both make the same pretending-to-listen face when somebody else is talking…

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But for some reason, Olivia is 1,000,000x hotter…

Surely, this is relevant somehow…

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In any case, the Atlanta Hawks will be eliminated from the NBA playoffs by Saturday at the very latest.


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