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Bwahahaha: Trump superfan Mickey Kaus infuriated by Trump’s border wall flip-flop   April 25, 2017

Trump on Monday dropped his demand for border wall funding in negotiations to avoid a gov’t shutdown.

For the record, MFP totally called it:

There will be a few miles of an actual wall. The rest will be rickety fencing here and there.

But many elderly, low-information Americans actually believed Trump was serious about building a $50 billion 35-foot, 2,000 mile impenetrable concrete wall.

Among them, fmr. Daily Caller contributor-turned-Trump superfan Mickey Kaus. For Mickey, the final straw was the “border blimp” compromise– in which the WH floated the idea of blimps and drones instead of an actual wall…

Nobody knew building a wall could be so complicated.

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