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Bwahahaha: Mark Levin suddenly doesn’t mind if the President plays golf   April 24, 2017

Thus far, Trump has spent ~20% (19 of 94 days) of his presidency on the golf course. At this point in their presidencies, Obama and Bush had yet to play a round.

Days golfing by Day 94
Trump 19
Obama 0
W. 0
Clinton 3

When Obama did hit the links, it infuriated statist radio talk show host Mark Levin:

Mr. President, get your ass off the golf course…I’m gonna be the father you never had. Get your ass off the golf course…our pathetic president’s playing golf…he’s playing golf again today!!!!

He’s hooked on golf like drug addicts are hooked on drugs…he used to do pot, he used to do coke, now he does golf!!!!

Even though Levin is like 100 years old?? He took to Twitter to whine like a bitch…

This buffoonish tribalism is why, you may recall, the Founding Fathers feared the formation of political parties.

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