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Fake libertarian Judge Napolitano picks his favorite Trump executive order   April 24, 2017

The used car salesman of libertarianism, Judge Andrew Napolitano picks his favorite Trump executive order:

This is my favorite part:

I don’t think he is [overreaching], and a lot of the executive orders are actually beneficial to the American public…these things don’t change the law, they sharpen the focus.

So, Trump’s executive orders are better than Obama’s because Trump’s executive orders “don’t change the law”.

15 seconds later, Andy says his favorite executive order is the one that changes the law:

My favorite of all the executive orders he signed…he told the IRS not to collect taxes due [to destroy Obamacare]…that is arguably changing the law in anticipation of Congress changing the law.

For the uninitiated, Andy is shilling extra hard because he is under the mistaken impression that he is on Trump’s SCOTUS shortlist.

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