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Sarah Palin implies she was sexually harassed at Fox News   April 20, 2017

Erin Burnett, Bill O’Reilly, and Chris Matthews

Credit The Lead w/ Jake Tapper.

Fmr. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday seemed to imply that she too experienced a hostile workplace while employed by Fox News:

Corporate culture there obviously has to change…women should not have to put up with any kind of intimidating work space…you can ask them why I’m no longer with Fox…my contract wasn’t renewed, that’s the line.

You may recall that some years ago, there were rumors of an O’Reilly-Palin feud– which the two all but confirmed w/ their constant public sniping:

In any case, she is such a GILF…

I feel like I would feel like the ultimate alpha male if she gave me the gift of oral to completion.

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