Stephen A. Smith: Hispanic baseball players took er jerbs!!

* Edited for time from the The Stephen A. Smith Show.
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MP   |   Published originally April 15, 2017

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, frequent Trump critic and reluctant Hillary supporter, argues that cheap Hispanic baseball players are to blame for declining African-American participation in major league baseball– essentially, the same argument used by Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham to justify their proto-Nazism:

The number of African-Americans in major league baseball– once as high as high as 18% in 1981– continues to dwindle. Presently, it’s at 6.7%…we should be concerned that MLB’s Latino population is more than 27%!

Labor from other countries, ultimately, was deemed cheaper than talent right here in America…far more Latinos, and far less blacks in the sport…correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that’s what Jackie Robinson intended.

Fewer African-Americans play baseball because it’s boring and it sucks and there are more accessible alternatives today than there were in 1981.

But to the larger point, foreigners really are takin’ er jerbs. Cheap foreign labor does displace American workers, and it does suppress wages.

The alternative, however, is worse.

Artificially limiting the availability of labor in order to artificially inflate wages results in negative unintended consequences

Talk radio hosts often decry illegal aliens picking crops in 100-degree heat:

Americans would happily pick crops (or wash dishes or clean hotel rooms), if greedy employers would just pay them enough!!

Spoiler alert: Forcing businesses to pay inflated wages and health benefits to a nincompoop picking a tomato ensures an innovative alternative– and ultimately only serves to accelerate the obsolescence of human manual labor.

Meanwhile, the talk show host will retire in a luxurious compound in the Swiss Alps– built w/ the irrational fears and base tribal instincts of the low-information voter.

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