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RETRACTION: It turns out Stephanie Ann Cook is still really hot   April 9, 2017

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You may recall that back in December, MFP downgraded Top Rank Knockout Stephanie Ann Cook to 7.9.

That was a mistake.

Steph may no longer be the most beautiful girl on Earth, nor the most genetically gifted— but she remains in the top 1 percentile, as evidenced by her standing at the Lomachenko-Sosa weigh-in…

It’s hot that:

  • (1) She throws a 2-1-2, rather than the boxercise cliche 1-2-3.
  • (2) She ~turns over her punches.
  • (3) She ~pivots off her foot.

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Accurate Rating

Under optimal conditions, 10/10…

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w/out makeup, 7/10…

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Next to young, slutty celebrity, 7/10…

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US/UK 9.4999
Los Angeles (wealthy) 8.75
Asia 10.0
Saudi Arabia 9.99
Thanksgiving w/ Mom & Dad 9.75
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