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ARGH! Fmr. OU cheerleader arrested for prostitution before I got to bang   April 4, 2017

What an amazing deal: A 23-year-old fmr. University of Oklahoma cheerleader for just $200…

A former University of Oklahoma football player has been arrested for allegedly ‘pimping out’ an ex-cheerleader.

Lawrence ‘LJ’ Moore, a 22-year-old former defensive back who played two games with the Sooners in 2013, was arrested after Micah Madison Parker was caught offering sex in exchange for $200.

I know what you’re thinking.

But just slap some foundation and fake eyelashes on that shit…

Would pay double if she rocks the cheerleader outfit…

I’m just like…

Here’s hoping she flakes out of whatever treatment program they put her in.

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