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Katy Tur still won’t retract defense of Donna Brazile   March 17, 2017

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Credit MSNBC.

You may recall that back in October, MSNBC’s Katy Tur passionately denied that CNN contributor Donna Brazile inappropriately provided Team Clinton w/ debate questions in advance:

I want to make abundantly clear that there is absolutely [no evidence]…there’s just no evidence to support this whatsoever…there is absolutely no evidence…but Donald Trump is going for it, regardless.

To emphasize that she was 100% certain of Brazile’s innocence, Katy used Italian hand gestures:

2 weeks later, CNN forced Brazile to resign.

And now Brazile herself admits misconduct in a Time op-ed:

Release of emails revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and D.N.C. Vice Chair…was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign.

Sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.

MFP on Friday asked Katy Tur for a retraction (albeit in a profane and sexist manner), but has yet to receive a response.

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