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Bwahahaha: Unattractive female MMA fighters complain about sexual harassment   March 12, 2017

Bethe Correia

Unattractive UFC bantamweight Bethe Correia claims to be the victim of sexual harassment:

I go through this everyday, it’s very complicated. In Brazil we have these pick up lines from construction workers, but it’s everyday on the internet…They harass me on Snapchat and Instagram from seven to ten videos a day. Guys send me videos of them masturbating with pictures of me. Sometimes they get to the point of masturbating themselves while watching me fight and I’m just working, I’m doing my job, practicing a sport.

She hates the attention, that I can tell you…

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A post shared by Bethe (@bethecorreia) on

Correia dressed appropriately for fighter face offs has garnered over 1 million views…

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Claudia Gadelha

In the same article, strawweight title contender Claudia Gadelha complains:

It happens all the time. We get messages not only from fans, but also from pervs all the time. It’s annoying, I get messages like this ‘I fantasize about you hitting me.’ It’s very weird. Some men send pictures of their junk.

You know what’s not weird? Posing nude w/ your sisters…

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