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Bwahahaha: Steve Bannon yells at Reince Priebus   March 6, 2017

Bwahahaha: Trump adviser Carter Page totally isn’t hiding anything

Credit CNN.

Press pool cameras captured an irate Obergruppenführer Steve Bannon shouting at Propaganda Minister Reince Priebus last Friday.

Team Bannon then leaked to Pollutico:

Trump’s chief of staff is becoming a singular target of criticism as persistent controversies plague the presidency.

“It’s sheer incompetence,” said another White House official. “There’s a lack of management, and a lack of strategy.”

Only 2 weeks ago, Bannon and Priebus pretended to like each other to the applause of naive, low-information retards…

Incidentally, Ivanka looks so hot w/ her hair in a bun…

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