Bwahahaha: Trump adviser Carter Page totally isn’t hiding anything

MP   |   Published originally March 4, 2017

Carter Page is on the up and up, that I can tell you.

I refuse to say that Russian intel recruited Carter Page using the tried and true carrot ($$$) and stick (a manila envelope containing compromising photos and a paper trail) approach– I will not say it.

Nor will I say that the meeting w/ his handler– errr, I mean the lovable innocent Russian ambassador– at #RNCinCLE had anything to do w/ the anonymous changes to the GOP platform that magically appeared from thin air:

The Trump campaign’s national-security policy representative for the Republican National Convention, J.D. Gordon…said “neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Manafort were involved in those sort of details, as they’ve made clear.”

Even though Russian officials keep disappearing and/or dying of mysterious circumstances…??

  • Peter Polshikov: Shot dead in his Moscow apartment.
  • Vitaly Churkin: Died in New York of a heart attack.
  • Alexander Kadakin: Died of “brief illness”.
  • Andrei Malanin: Found dead in his apartment w/ “no evidence of a break-in.”
  • Sergei Krivov: Coincidentally fell off a roof on erection day.
  • Oleg Erovinkin: Found dead in the back of his car the day after Christmas.

Obviously, this is a fake news witch hunt.

Let’s get back to the business of the people: Repealing socialist healthcare for the poor to fund corporate welfare for billionaire defense lobbyists.

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