MFP 100% guarantees Russia-ghazi is because of pussy

MP   |   Published originally March 3, 2017

It is important to note that even as we speak, the US is spying on Germany, who is spying on the UK, who is spying on Russia, who is spying on Israel, who has secret agents infiltrating Iran, who has beautiful French escorts seducing fat Chinese businessmen in high-rise hotels in Singapore, who are stealing US intellectual property.

Which is to say, Russian meddling in ’16 was not particularly egregious, except for the fact that– to everyone’s surprise, including the FSB– it actually worked.

There was no crime (initially).

Team Trump did NOT gather in a room and conspire to commit treason. Targets were ensnared by a tried and true method:

  • (1) Russian handlers seduce asset(s) w/ semi-legal real estate deals, lavish trips, and pussy.
  • (2) In exchange, the handlers ask for favors, such as:
    • Parrot pro-Russian talking points (the asset often sincerely holds these beliefs).
    • Favorable news coverage (Ed Schultz the asset often sincerely holds these beliefs).
    • Access to principals (introductions, connections, etc.).

    Invariably, the asset eventually balks at the escalating nature of the “favors”– that’s when the handler introduces “the stick”.

  • (3) The asset is presented with a choice. Enjoy continued payoffs and pussy, or get outed and face criminal prosecution.

From that point on, Mike Flynn’s the asset’s handler alternates as necessary between romantic confidante and cold enforcer.

Nosy reporters.

It’s like when your GF finds one measly nude from another chick on your phone.

Then she starts rifling through your laptop, checking your underwear for another woman’s scent, and constantly monitoring your location.

Even if you didn’t actually fuck the other girl, you fear that related scumbaggery will be exposed (fetish porn, other nudes, more sexts, etc.)– so you attempt to squash her investigation.

Shit gets out of control.

Even at this point, there are no high crimes and misdemeanors.

But in attempting to conceal their personal foibles, shit spirals out of control– Russian assets within Team Trump start telling lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.

Before they know it, Mike Pence and Sean Spicer are unknowingly lying to the nation on their behalf.

Actual crimes.

Naturally, Team Trump covers up– in this case, not to conceal an impeachable offense– but to avoid embarrassment. This culture of deceit has the unintentional effect of dragging everyone involved into the realm of potential illegality:

Which leads to actual crimes (60/40 they are successfully covered up and not prosecuted):

  • Team Trump blackmails/threatens people to aid in cover up.
  • Blackmailed/threatened people lie to federal investigators.
  • Law enforcement/intel agencies illegally leak to expose blackmailed/threatened people’s lies.
  • Repeat ~50x.

Conclusion: Pussy

Did assets accept gifts? Sure. Did they launder money? Of course. Were they compromised by Russian intelligence? Duh.

But the reason they lied (initially) was to conceal the pussy: The types of pussy, the unusual means by which they prefer to consume pussy, and the fact that they enjoy certain bodily fluids secreting from the general pussy area.

As in life, it always comes back to the pussy.

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