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Bwahahaha: Walmart ad features interracial pairing that doesn’t exist IRL   February 26, 2017

MFP accurately grades Trump’s CPAC speech


This past Christmas season, State Farm Insurance infuriated Trump supporters w/ an ad featuring an interracial couple:

The best part is when Geico tried to swoop in:

Racism aside, we can all acknowledge that blacks on blondes occur fairly frequently in nature.

This, not so much…

“Here’s to the Weeknight”

The reverse has at least some semblance IRL…

Romeo Must Die

Incidentally, you may recall that in Romeo Must Die— screenwriters struggled w/ constructing a scenario in which Aaliyah would believably kiss the film’s star, Jet Li…

The film was short of a masterpiece, but produced arguably Aaliyah’s best song…

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