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Bwahahaha: O’Reilly’s fake Sweden expert   February 24, 2017

O’Reilly is peddling fake news again– this time, using a fake expert on Sweden to support his cockamamie conspiracy theories:

Time for some Factor hard news facts…joining us now…Nils Bildt…Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor.

That’s a lie:

Neither the Swedish Defense Ministry nor Foreign Office have heard of the expert. Nils Bildt…has previously been convicted of a violent offence in the United States.

Nils Bildt is the son of Sven Tolling, well know in Swedish equestrian circles. Nils Bildt emigrated from Sweden in 1994. Nine years later he changed his last name from Tolling to Bildt…his last known address, according to Swedish registers, is in Tokyo.

Last known address in Tokyo, and a registered Republican in [redacted east coast state]…

Seems legit.

More O’Reilly fake news

  • To support his theory that Trump could not win the GOP nomination, O’Reilly claimed Ronald Reagan “was an establishment man”…

    That’s a lie.

    For literally decades, Reagan endured vicious, unrelenting attack from the GOP establishment– including George Will.

  • In Killing Reagan, O’Reilly alleges a deteriorating Reagan faltered under tough questioning from Sam Donaldson at his CA ranch in August, 1984.

    That’s a lie.

    Footage obtained by WaPo’s Erik Wemple from the Reagan Library prove that O’Reilly’s account was entirely fabricated

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