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Ana Kasparian’s “Cash Me Ousside” Girl impression is hot   February 22, 2017

Bwahahaha: Tucker Carlson unable to trigger super polite Swedish lady

Credit The Young Turks.


Troubled teen Danielle Bregoli rocketed to fame after accurately referring to Dr. Phil’s audience as “hoes”, and daring them to “cash me ousside, howbow dah”…

Incidentally, Danielle recently got a new piercing…

That was totally gross for sure, etc.

But that is neither here nor there…

Ana’s impression

Unable to air the original Dr. Phil segment due to copyright restrictions, The Young Turks resident feminazi Ana Kasparian acted it out instead– and it was hot…

Alex Jones

You may recall that during #RNCinCLE, Ana had the presence of mind not to drop her salad– even while she shouted vile obscenities at Propaganda Minister Alex Jones…

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