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Michelle Runde is the most beautiful gainfully employed vegan on Earth   February 20, 2017

Credit Check Please Bay Area.
Nate de SC Tweet Email

Readers may be surprised to learn that the Asian chick eating dim sum on Check Please Bay Area isn’t the hottest chick to ever appear on the show. That honor belongs to policy risk associate and discerning vegan Michelle Runde…

I am a vegan. 100%. No animal byproducts for me. Have been for 7 years.

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s addressed in detail HERE.

It’s so hot how she pronounces “shitaki”…

Based on the following GIFs, there is no question that Michelle is the most beautiful, healthy-looking, and gainfully-employed vegan non-celebrity on Earth…

This is Top 25 Hottest Non-Porn Things I’ve Ever Seen…



To Xany the Primary School Teacher enthusiasts, yes she is hot– but there is no evidence to suggest that she is a vegan…

As a primary school teacher, I can't wait to show my pupils. As an adult woman who got laughed at on the bus by secondary school kids for playing Pokémon Go… I'll just show people I can trust IRL

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