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McCain sucks at denouncing Trump   February 19, 2017

MFP accurately reviews The Young Pope

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is speaking out against the regime’s attempts to consolidate absolute power, but he sucks at it:

The stated goals of this administration…would upset the last 70 years of a New World Order.


Jaguars fan dot gif.

Having disseminated fake news for the lulz back in MFP’s racist era, MFP can predict the low-information response w/ 92.6% accuracy…

Predicted Response

The Empire Strikes Back


McCain admits Trump destroying Zionist New World Order

(Edited 15 minutes later…)

McCain admits Trump destroying Establishment’s New World Order

Info Wars / Grocery Store Guy / Etc.

McCain defends New World Order, but stats show European women are constantly raped by Syrian refugees, and also blacks

  • McCain is a traitor! He wasn’t even tortured! His “captors” treated him well because he cooperated w/ them! I read it on a message board!
  • McCain, you are a loser neocon!! Trump will destroy the lobbyists and bring back jobs by invading Syria!

So, yeah.

McCain, defender of liberty, is less than ideal.

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