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Chelsea the Code Pink Protester is the most beautiful liberal extremist on Earth   February 12, 2017

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There was some question as to whether Chelsea the Code Pink Protester would get her jacket back after disrupting a Trump rally last year in Las Vegas:

Leave her jacket there. You don’t have to bring it back. The hell with her. The hell with her.

Thankfully, she did…


Obviously, Chelsea is adorable

But of late, she has blossomed into really super hot…

A photo posted by Chelsea Byers (@chelsealeebee) on

God, please don’t let that pervert Gavin Newsom bang her…


Except for the part where she supports late-term abortion and wants to deny you your God-given, constitutional right to bear arms– Chelsea has the ideal personality for a woman.

For example, here she is hugging a bunny that would eat her if it was big enough…

You may recall that in Unforgiven, it was the love of a woman like Chelsea (I assume) that, over time, softened Clint Eastwood’s character’s “notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition”…


Admittedly, Kaileigh Brandt is the genetically superior specimen, but still…

In lieu of either Chelsea or Kaileigh, I would settle for the chick doing air guitar…

A video posted by Chelsea Byers (@chelsealeebee) on

Accurate rating

Including her love for animals and quirky personality
Personally 10.0 10.0
US/UK 7.50 7.50
Los Angeles 7.00 7.50
Iowa 8.00 8.00
Miami 7.00 7.00
Asia (wealthy areas) 9.50 9.00
Saudi Arabia (wealthy areas) 8.75 8.50
Mom & Dad 9.50 9.99
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