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See, I told you Laura Ingraham is a liar   February 7, 2017

UPDATE: Trump accidentally converts Bernie Sanders Supporter

Steve Bannon doesn’t talk to the media…he doesn’t speak to the media. Doesn’t speak on the record or off the record.

That’s a lie.

That doesn’t include the Turnbull leak to WaPo, or the off-the-record sniping w/ Team Priebus.

Lady Gaga

Laura also lied over the weekend, when she accused Lady Gaga of excluding “God” from her faux-Pledge of Allegiance during the Superbowl halftime show…

But that’s a lie.

In fact, Gaga referenced “God” twice

Bald man

As an obese bald man, I appreciate this lie…

It put a little pep in my step, tbh.

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