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You know who I want to make love to? 90-year-old’s Jewish GF   February 3, 2017

Alex Jones claims he didn’t promote #Pizzagate but here’s his deleted video

Credit reader R. Ledet & r/nba

To be fair, it’s probably his granddaughter, but that is neither here nor there.

Sassy come hither eye squint thing, GIF”d for posterity…

The faux-modesty is hot…

The locket is subtle…

Accurate rating

Due to the shitty picture quality, MFP cannot give her the edge over Alison Brie…

Nevertheless, she rates exceedingly well for a non-celebrity…

9.99 (Personally)
8.75 (US/UK)
8.25 (Iowa)
9.25 (NY/SF art gallery fundraiser)
8.5 (Wealthy Los Angeles high school)

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