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Alex Jones claims he didn’t promote #Pizzagate but here’s his deleted video   February 2, 2017

Praise Jesus! Trump does 1st good thing as POTUS

To be fair, MFP also promoted #Pizzagate for the lulz.
Credit Joe Rogan Experience, Info Wars.

This video above appears to contradict claims made by Alex Jones in a February interview w/ Joe Rogan, in which Jones denied ever promoting #Pizzagate:

I’m like, what is this!??

But just weeks after that denial, Alex’s lawyers forced him to issue this 30-minute groveling apology…

In a 1st for Info Wars, comments and ratings were disabled for the video…

To be fair to Alex, MFP also promoted #Pizzagate for the lulz, and recently began frantically deleting articles.

So, I feel like a fistbump is in order.

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